Migration of Autodesk Customizations from VBA to VB.NET for Compliance with the Autodesk 2011 Product Line

With its 2011 product line Autodesk no longer supports VBA customization.  A Microsoft Gold Certified partner with a substantial software development capacity, PAT has a systematic approach to migrating custom VBA development.

For example, a nation-wide Engineering company recently contracted PAT to migrate their code base.  They had developed customized functions for AutoCAD Map 3D. With the introduction of AutoCAD Map 2011, the native programming environment for these scripts (VBA) was no longer supported. Therefore, the custom functions had to be rewritten in the new VB.NET environment. Since these functions are mission critical, migration to latest Map 3D  platform had been delayed, which in turn delayed the roll-out of latest hardware (64-bit computers) and software (Windows 7) at some of their offices.  The process that PAT used to migrate this code was:

  1.    Convert the following three custom scripts from VBA to VB.NET for AutoCAD Map 3D 2011: AreaTable, Crossing, and Stationing
  2.    Test the scripts against typical engineering data
  3.    Provide (remote) implementation support to their offices

For more information please contact Shawn McLeod at sm@pat.ca.

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