Vulcan County implements iVAULT

Pacific Alliance implemented iVAULT on MapGuide Open Source to create GIS mapping for use on Vulcan County’s intranet and Internet sites. iVAULT’s report generation tool makes report creation easy and seamless. Vulcan County staff is now able to easily access data for greater efficiency and better decision-making. And the iVAULT framework provides the County the flexibility to move to another GIS platform in the future, without incurring additional iVAULT license fees.
“Pacific Alliance delivered quality products and easy integration to enhance data usage by Vulcan County’s staff, and mapping data will soon be available to the general public when our external site upgrade is complete. By utilizing current databases, we minimized our capital investment and optimized data usage and efficiencies. For county staff, this is making our lives much easier,”
Celeste Currie, GIS Technician, Vulcan County.

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