Release of iVAULT MapGuide 4.2

Pacific Alliance Technologies is proud to announce the release of iVAULT version 4.2 for the MapGuide Open Source and Autodesk Infrastructure Map Server (AIMS) platforms. This new release features over 18 enhancements, including:

- Administration module upgrades – to support enhanced security and streamlined workflows to optimize web GIS configuration.
- Map Bookmarks – users can save map display settings so they can quickly return to the same location and display the same layers with a click.
- Custom Mailing Labels – to enable users to print to a variety of label formats or create their own.
- Detailed report enhancements – making it an even more comprehensive and flexible tool.
- Layer Setting Overrides (by role) – so that layers are available, displayed, selectable, and expanded as appropriate for the users in each role.
- Full compatibility with the Internet Explorer 9.
- New Search options – further enhancing iVAULT’s industry-leading search capability.
- Resize Legend controls – to help users that work in the field or are visually impaired.

Join us to see how these enhancements will make your web GIS experience easier and more productive!

Please consult the release notes found on our Client Portal for further information or contact us at

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