iVAULT Analytics Module is available

iVAULT Analytics Module is available

Step Up Your Analytics Capabilities with iVAULT  Web Mapping solution

Pacific Alliance is pleased to announce the release of a new module which complements the existing iVAULT framework.

With the new Analytics Module, your company will benefit from:

    Improved productivity: the ability to integrate data and more advanced GIS functionality into your single iVAULT system, enabling your staff to streamline and simplify their workflow.

      Increased revenue: the analytics tools allow sophisticated analysis which provide better information to support decision-making.
      Decreased cost: tasks are completed faster, consuming less staff resources.

    This set of advanced tools is designed and developed to support greater data integration and data analysis in workflows.

    What is included?  GPS Location, Load Shapefile, Query Builder, Select Nearest, Proximity Analysis Tool and Spatial Data Export.

    For additional information, please visit our website  or contact our sales team. Request a demo today! sales@pat.ca. 

    Please consult the iVAULT release notes found on our Client Portal


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