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Autodesk® Desktop Subscription provides access to desktop software at the lowest cost of entry. Choose from monthly (available only online), quarterly, annual and multi-year options for using Autodesk Design and Creation Suites software and select software products.

Stay competitive with Desktop Subscription

When you decide to purchase an Autodesk Desktop Subscription, you’re maximizing the power of your design tools while gaining control over your costs and the length of your commitment. Your software tools will always be up to date with the latest releases and enhancements, while your workflow will benefit from increased capabilities – from licensing options to more capabilities with Autodesk® cloud services.

Function and flexibility

Desktop Subscription supports a variety of licensing options designed to allow you to work the way you want, including:

  • Full functionality – access to the same software you get perpetual Autodesk software licenses
  • Install your software on multiple machines
  • Global Use Rights so you can work seamlessly from afar
  • Previous Version Rights
  • Access files stored locally on your computer, even without an active subscription
  • Use free Autodesk tools to view your files in Autodesk file formats
  • Start a new subscription and seamlessly pick up where you left off

Pay-as-you-go access

Whether your projects are temporary or ongoing, you can keep software costs manageable and predictable. Pay only for the access you need, without a large up-front investment.

Stay current

Stay current and competitive with the latest Autodesk technology. With Desktop Subscription, you know that you’re working with the most up-to-date software releases with the level of support you need.

Scalable licensing

Companies grow. Projects expand. Employees move. Be prepared for whatever changes come your way with licensing that scales to meet your organization’s needs.

Additional cloud services and software

Work smarter without tying up your desktop. Get access to additional services in the cloud, such a faster rendering and visualization capabilities, collaboration tools, and secure storage.

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