Autodesk Implementation Case Studies

Autodesk Implementation Case Studies


Revit for All Teams

Stantec chose Pacific Alliance as their Revit implementation partners since the company provides both implementation and training for all verticals; Architecture, Structure, Mechanical and Electrical. Pacific Alliance also developed a collaborative implementation process for all consultants, whereby entire teams are trained to work together on a Revit project. Pacific Alliance has provided implementation and training services to ten Stantec offices including Rochester (New York), Toronto (Ontario), and Vancouver (British Columbia).

Musson Cattell Mackey/Downs Archambault

Vancouver Trade & Convention Centre Expansion

The project team on this 1,000,000 sq ft. expansion saw the potential benefit to using Revit early in the documentation process. Pacific Alliance trained a team of 10 and implemented the software. The project is currently underway in the construction phase.

VIA Architecture

Transit Projects, Pacific Northwest

Pacific Alliance has been the provider of customization, training and implementation services to VIA Architecture for the Seattle Monorail Project (SMP) and other transit projects. Pacific Alliance helped ensure that all station design standards were implemented using Autodesk Revit as well as providing training and support for the rest of the design team.

Omicron Consulting Group

Complete Revit Implementation

Omicron Consulting is a multi-disciplinary design firm in Vancouver, BC. Although Revit was originally selected for architecture, Omicron saw value in experimenting with its unique Building Information Modeling (BIM) features and chose Pacific Alliance as their implementation partner for both Revit Architecture (formerly Revit Building) and Revit Structure.

Bing Thom Architecture

Community Centre – Vancouver, BC

Bing Thom Architecture has traditionally used a wide range of design automation tools to create their geometrically unique projects including the City Centre in Surrey, BC and the Arena Stage in Washington, DC. For this community centre project, they elected to use Revit Architecture for its ability to integrate modeling, design, presentation and documentation into one environment.

Christopher Bozyk Architects

Office-wide BIM Implementation

Architects at Christopher Bozyk’s office saw the potential of Revit early on. With training help from Pacific Alliance, they slowly started to utilize it for design and visualization purposes. Currently, Revit use has expanded to multiple projects and all phases of the design and documentation process. Click here to read the Case Profile.

Musson Cattell/Davidson Yuen

Residential Tower – 1133 W. Georgia St., Vancouver, BC

Subsequent to their work on the Vancouver Convention Centre Expansion Project, MCMP realized the potential of Revit and decided to put it to use on this complex residential tower. Through design development they saw the many benefits of Revit and produced results that would have been difficult without the software. Pacific Alliance worked closely with the team in producing this project

David Nairne & Associates

Office-wide Implementation

DNA saw the potential in Revit for their multi-disciplinary approach to building design. With help from Pacific Alliance, they have developed the ability to produce drawings in a fashion not thought possible before Revit.

Site Lines Architecture

Office-wide Implementation

A small firm, Site Lines saw that they could leverage the potential of Revit to take on large projects. Because of their location, Pacific Alliance utilized remote desktop technology to mentor staff during the early stages of Revit use, producing a foundation to standardize on Revit Building (now Revit Architecture).


Revit Architecture Implementation Expert Program

Pacific Alliance Revit Implementation Team has been engaged by Autodesk to provide both content and delivery for their Implementation Expert Program which is taken by all resellers who wish to provide Revit Implementation Services. Pacific Alliance has delivered sessions throughout North America, Europe and Asia.

Killick Metz Bowen Rose Architects

Police Station and High Schools

Killick Metz Bowen Rose Architects has taken a well-planned approach to implementing Revit in their traditionally institutional design-based practice. Pacific Alliance has provided them with training and support, and project by project, the firm has added capable members to its Revit user base. KMBR has now adopted Revit as their corporate standard and is seeking to provide more capabilities as the application becomes fully integrated.

Civil3D Implementation Success at Herold Engineering

Using Civil3D to transform a Civil Engineering firm

Herold is doing much more than simply saving hours and days on projects. The firm is also ensuring that it can beat the competition on future bids. “AutoCAD Civil 3D is accelerating the overall pace of projects by as much as 20 percent,” says Trobridge. “We’re able to explore more design alternatives more quickly, which contributes to a better design. We’re improving our already strong reputation because Autodesk Civil 3D is improving our turnaround times on projects and giving us more time to do quality work. In our industry, speed and quality are keys to gaining competitive advantage.”

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