AutoCAD® Utility Design – Proof Points

AutoCAD® Utility Design – Proof Points


Design more productively and consistently

• Improve layout productivity with rules-driven standards, and easy-to-use design templates and workflows
• Drive greater consistency across design teams by building standards and intelligence into the design process

Analyze network layout to help optimize designs and enhance network reliability

• More accurately size and place assets using integrated engineering analysis, including automatic guying, voltage drop calculations, and clearance checking.
• Optimize asset sizing and help reduce material over-orders with configurable engineering analysis
• Automatically update model and associated documentation based on what-if analysis and design changes

Deliver more consistent and coordinated documentation and material and cost estimates

• Manage work orders and help streamline the design-to-build process by integrating with work management systems Automatically generate reports of materials and labor cost estimates
• Deliver construction documentation in a single package.
• Collaborate by sharing intelligent industry models with GIS and other operational systems such as enterprise asset management to help minimize as-built backlogs, and respond to information requests such as environmental or regulatory reporting.

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