Fast Facts

Fast Facts

Founded: 1998

Employees: +15

Ownership: Privately-held, a group company of StarDyne Technologies Inc.

Executive: Paul Francis (COO), Shawn McLeod (Director of Services), Michelle Rogers (Controller)

Headquarters: Vancouver, BC Canada

Other offices: Kelowna, BC Canada / Grimsby, ON Canada

Line of business: Web GIS, Web-based mapping, GIS Consulting, Asset and Work Management  and Autodesk Reselling

Key products: iVAULT, GIS/CAD/Integration Consulting,  Asset Management Consulting, Autodesk products, Training and Support

Services: GIS development services, project management, support and training

Sister Companies: Vadim Software, WorkTech Inc., Diamond Municipal Solutions, Tempest Development Group and SRB Education Solutions

Partners: Esri, Autodesk, Bentley, Microsoft Gold Partner, Safe Software and LizardTech

Customers: 450+

Industries: Government, Geomatics, Space & Facility Management, Telecommunications, Utilities,  Architectural, Engineering & Construction (AEC)


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