Business Flow

Asset Management Services

Our Professional Services team has helped hundreds of companies reduce bottlenecks and achieve their business objectives with services that are built on our core competencies:


Develop Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) strategies, including organizational strategic plans, asset management policies/strategies/objectives, and strategic asset management plans, business processes and best practices.

System Design & Implementation

Select, design and/or implement asset management systems and technologies; deploy system hardware and software; perform integration with Financial, GIS and other third party systems; develop and implement processes, procedures and best practices, including asset condition assessment and performance measurement protocols.

Gap Analysis & Optimization

Identify and map your organization’s existing asset management processes and capabilities; establish your asset management needs and requirements as related to your asset management implementation and business framework; develop strategic and tactical implementation plans to bridge the gaps between now and the envisioned future, and help drive your organization’s asset management capabilities to sustainably deliver optimal value and services.

Asset Management Capability Assessment/Appraisal

Conduct systematic assessment/appraisal of your organization’s asset management competencies, capabilities, needs and requirements (i.e. processes, people, systems etc.) in accordance with internationally recognized framework and standards; develop implementation plans to enable your organization to improve its asset management maturity, while efficiently and effectively meet your business and operational objectives.

Project Management

Provide project management oversight, tools and expertise to assist your organization to effectively manage/execute asset management implementations, system deployments, and integrations across organizational and operational boundaries.

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