Pacific Alliance provides WorkTech products, our sister company within the StarDyne Technologies Group, as part of a sustainable, effective and efficient enterprise asset management solution. Headquartered in Grimsby, Ontario, WorkTech has successfully provided superior software applications and consulting services to the public sector since 1997.

WorkTech Inc.’s operation management solution is comprised of three foundation modules, each offering a series of extenders that further optimize their functionality. All modules utilize the same data tables and can operate stand-alone or as a whole, enabling users to tackle every aspect of their management tasks in one seamlessly integrated system. The foundation modules are:

WorkTech Work Manager Foundation

Work Manager Foundation delivers advanced capabilities for planning, scheduling and deploying labour, equipment, stock and other physical resources as part of an effective operations management strategy. Daily transactions such as: time sheets, invoices, stock and equipment usage transactions, and fund transfers are initiated from this module and funnelled to your corporate financial system. Integration with your financial system enables real-time mapping of all costs to your corporate chart of accounts.

WorkTech Asset Manager Foundation

Asset Manager Foundation is a comprehensive, self-contained fixed asset inventory system suitable for tracking any physical civic asset including roads, bridges, culverts, water mains, facilities, sewers etc. The application puts managers in complete control of the type of asset to be tracked and the level of detailed data to maintain. Proactive management tasks such as, preventive maintenance planning and capital needs forecasting, can all be performed within this multi-functional module.

WorkTech Service Manager Foundation

Service Manager Foundation empowers users with an instrument for result-oriented work order processing and customer relationship management. This versatile system manages service requests originating from both the public and work order from internal staff. Service fulfillment standards are assigned to work orders to determine priority levels and implement appropriate response actions. Such standards can also be used to identify quality improvement areas. Preventative maintenance tasks can also be entered as work orders, as part of an overall asset and equipment life-cycle management plan.

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