GIS Services

GIS Services

Drawing on over 130 years of combined GIS consulting experience, Pacific Alliance Technologies provides a complete lifecycle of GIS products and services. We are experts at web mapping.

GIS Implementation Process

Data Creation & Analysis

• Analyze data, translations and workflows
• Streamline your GIS processes with Safe Software’s FME
Our Solutions: Asset Management: WorkTech Asset Manager

Data Viewing & Reporting

• Implement and publish internal and external web mapping sites
• Customize interface and administrative tools
Our Solutions: iVAULT on: Google Maps, MapGuide Open Source and ESRI ArcGIS Server

Data & Systems Integration

• Integrate web mapping sites with financials, asset management, CRM, and other systems
• Current integrations with WorkTech and AssetPro (asset management) and Vadim, Tempest and Diamond (financials)

Data Maintenance

• Script authorship to ensure that you’re viewing the most current data
• Regular maintenance of web mapping site(s)

Training & Support

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