Data & System Integration

Data & Systems Integration

Data & Systems Integration

Maps provide a comprehensive reporting tool and focal point for the integration of business systems. We can provide two types of integrations for companies:

One-way integration:

where we simply point at your data from other business systems, or

Two-way integraton:

where we integrate between applications.
The iVAULT architecture is designed for integration with mutiple data sources and systems.

Why spend time migrating data and designing complex data models when you probably have already done this?

iVAULT allows you leverage your existing data investments easily in two ways:
• Integrate at a data level and simply “mine” your existing data by adding it through the iVAULT administrator
• Utilize one of the pre-built integrations


Integrating current systems multiplies reporting and querying capabilities without adding overhead to current workflows.

Whatever your data needs, Pacific Alliance has the expertise to support it. View our Core Competencies page to learn more about what we can do for your organization.

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